Supporting your organisation with a ServiceNow ecosystem


A team of leaders, committed to delivering value for your organisation.

  • At FlyForm, we believe that collaboration always delivers better results. We work with you, not just for you.

    We put your people, and their needs, at the heart of our approach. We listen to people at all levels within the organisation to identify what works well, and which areas offer opportunities for improvement. We tailor our plans to your unique business needs to increase business and drive value-added changes.

    Then, we bring our ServiceNow expertise to bear. We work with your staff and support teams to design improved processes that will transform your people’s every-day work lives, matching ServiceNow’s capabilities to the efficiencies and productivity you want to achieve. We will not shy away from challenging outdated processes and legacy toolsets where we see opportunities for improvement, but neither will we suggest changes for change's own sake.

    Whether improving processes for HR, Facilities, Marketing, or Security, we’ll work with you to achieve the maximum impact from ServiceNow IT products, with a minimum of effort and disruption.

  • At FlyForm, we believe in faster deployments, and lower implementation and running costs.

    We want you to start reaping the benefits of ServiceNow as soon as possible. So, we will work with you to create a solution that quickly realises the value of your investment. Then, our team of ServiceNow-certified consultants will deliver discrete improvements that work with the rest of your ecosystem, using Agile and DevOps methodologies.

    We also want your investment in ServiceNow to continue paying dividends far into the future. To this end, we deliver strategic solutions, ensure best-practice technical approaches, and focus on optimised usability.

    Whether it’s a custom application, a service catalogue, security, reporting or CMDB, we’ll aim to accelerate your return on investment and maximise value creation across your organisation.

  • At FlyForm, we want your team to enjoy a trouble-free, seamless experience with your ServiceNow instance, whether it was delivered by FlyForm or another partner.

    Our managed service contract – which comes as standard with a FlyForm ServiceNow implementation – provides ongoing monitoring, support, management and updating of your ServiceNow instance. We look after your ServiceNow implementation, ensuring it continues to deliver exemplary value, year after year, so you can concentrate on running your business.

    But we don’t believe in resting on our laurels. We understand that excellent enterprise management requires constant improvement. We want to build long-term working relationships with you and your people, so that – together – our teams can continually optimise processes and deliver ever-better solutions.

    Let’s work together.

Ready to transform your business? FlyForm can take you to the next level.


Powerful, useable product designed to make businesses work more efficiently. We deal with the full ServiceNow platform, with significant expertise in:

  • Transform your IT services and ecosystem through a single cloud-based platform. ServiceNow IT Service Management lets you consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes. And it scales to your business needs.

    You can use ServiceNow ITSM to…

    • Gain Control – leave behind unstructured processes and chaos, and prioritise work, significantly reducing incidents by building on ITIL best practices.
    • Modernise IT – consolidate legacy applications & automate manual processes to a single, modern, easy-to-use system of action, saving people’s time.
    • Align IT to Business – lead digital transformation and increase the velocity of IT by aligning ITSM to your business; become strategic with data-driven decisions, reducing the need for tier-1 staff.
  • Move IT operations from a reactive response process to a proactive business partner. ServiceNow IT Operations Management provides visibility into your end‑to‑end business services by understanding the relationship with the underlying IT resources.

    Improve availability by monitoring your service health, reducing event noise and quickly pinpointing disruptions. Increase agility by automating IT processes and remediation actions, by keeping services healthy, and by engaging in a multi-cloud strategy by providing enterprise‑ready self‑service capabilities to users.

  • Great service isn’t just the responsibility of the customer service department. Connect customer service with other teams to solve issues faster, cut costs, and boost satisfaction.

    With ServiceNow CSM, you can...

    • Consolidate portals, CRMs and other systems into a single interface.
    • Open cases faster and manage them more efficiently.
    • Replace legacy applications.
  • Get visibility into your project and application portfolios; gain financial insight into the cost of service delivery; better manage demand, resources, and budgets; decide where to invest to best support organisational goals. ServiceNow IT Business Management helps you run IT like a business.

  • Software can represent a significant portion of your IT budget. Managing that investment can be complicated: underutilised licenses waste money; software vendor audits consume time and resources, disrupting day-to-day business operations; point solutions and manual consolidation require integration without helping reduce year‑on‑year software spend.

    ServiceNow Software Asset Management uses a single system of actions that helps seamlessly transform operations from reactive software asset management practices to a proactive culture that is audit‑ready and optimises license spend.

Case study

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

Over the course of 4 years, FlyForm and ServiceNow worked with DVSA on an ambitious digital transformation journey that delighted their end-users and the set the agency up for sustainable future growth. This delivered a 74% increase in user satisfaction after two months, a 170% uplift in self-service incidents, and a single point of initiation for all new-starter processes.